Vaccinations…Poor mommy…I mean baby

R’s 2 month appointment was Friday.  I had everything mapped out as to how I wanted things to go.  I wanted to delay certain vaccinations and spread them out so she only got 1-2 at a time.  I only wanted her to get the Rotavirus and the DT&P vaccine.  I was going to follow Dr. Sears schedule.  When we got to the doctor, I very confidently told the nurses what I wanted.  I had studied for hours so that I would be confident at this point!  They WERE GOING to give me what I wanted!  The nurses wrote it down and just agreed with me.  I even leaned over to G and smugly whispered, “See they are going to do what I wanted.  They might just have me sign a form or something.”  That smugness was quickly turned to me fighting back tears when the nurse practitioner advised me that they group their shots together so the babies only get a few sticks at a time.  One of the ones that I wanted was grouped with two others and then there were two other shots.  She also proceded to tell me that all my research on the internet was usually outdated information and that vaccines are totally safe!  Since I hadn’t planned for this hitch, and hadn’t prepared a rebuttal to this, I had to give in and get her all of the shots…I guess I could have told them to wait until next month to help me figure out a different game plan.  Now the only thing I can do, is put off her MMR shot that is due on her 1st birthday.  It wasn’t until I left the doctor’s office that it hit me that I had agreed to letting them give her ALL her two month shots and I had intended to decline the Hepatitis B shot.  I had wanted to put it off until at least 2 years old.  Bummer!  So I felt defeated, and had to watch my poor baby get three shots and a squirt of liquid in her mouth all in one day!  I almost cried when she got her shots!  On the plus side, she is now 11 lbs 10 oz up from 9 lbs 1 oz.  She is also 22 inches long up from 21.5 inches.  She’s getting big and changing every day!


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