YAY for the power of YAY!

There are not many people around me that share my excitement about cloth diapering.  I get so excited by all the Work At Home Mom (WAHM) diapers, cute prints, good deals on the swap boards that I am part of.  The other day, I was all excited about prepping my new prefolds by boiling them and was excitedly (maybe over excitedly) telling my neighbor about it.  She looked at me really funny (like I had lost my mind), laughed and said, “That sounds really old-fashioned.  A few days later, I was trying to sun the stains out of my diapers and couldn’t get them to hang right so G hung me a clothesline!  I was so very excited about it and called my mom!  My mom made me laugh because I told her the story about the previous response and she said that next thing I knew, I would be running around in a Little House on the Prairie-type dress.  I don’t scrub them on a wash board, but here is my little house on the prairie moment–while baby wearing no less!  I love hanging my diapers on the line on a nice day!


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