Bean Head and why I babywear

I knew I wanted to try baby wearing with my newest little girl from the moment I got pregnant.  In everything I had read, it resonated very deeply with me.  Babies are born and they want and need to be held.  It seems like they want to be held ALL the time.  To us it seems pretty demanding, but if you think about it, even if you hold them for 12 hours they are taking a 50% decrease in the amount of time they are held and cuddled.  They are used to being held, cuddled and rocked 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  I tried my hand at wearing J but I didn’t know all the options out there and just had a Baby Bjorn carrier and it was so very uncomfortable, that I couldn’t wear it often.  I know we had internet in 2002, but for some reason I was like completely oblivious to the fact that it could help me out!  I don’t know when my primitive cave person self woke up to the fact that the internet could be used for more than email.  By the time R was coming, I was aware of the options for baby wearing and I KNEW that I would need to have a carrier for her.  I just KNEW she was going to be a demanding baby.  I could just feel it.  I bought an Ergo carrier for when she got bigger and made my own no-sew stretchy wrap.  I had these ready in the months leading up to her birth.  I couldn’t wait! 

Here are some reasons that I baby wear:  Babies cry less when carried.  I can tend to her need for being held, while I still have my hands free to do other things-like cleaning cloth diapers! Baby wearing enhances the bond between baby and mom.  The constant movement and jiggling reminds her of her time in the womb and is soothing to her.  She really likes to bounce (I think because I spent so much time bouncing on my yoga ball at the end of my pregnancy).  I can put her in the wrap and bounce on my yoga ball to calm her down.  She seems to like to be near her food source (G calls this sleeping at the buffet).  It quickly helps her calm down when she is over stimulated and can’t calm herself.  I realize faster when she is hungry and can meet that need before she starts screaming most times.  It is easier to throw R in my carrier than it would be to lug the car seat around or try to unpack the stroller when we are running errands.  The baby carrier is easier to take her around in when we go hiking on the local trails.  The stroller would be awful there!  I have also read that baby wearing also helps children develop emotionally, mentally and socially.  In fact, many cultures carry baby in arms the majority of the time.  On top of all these benefits,  Baby wearing can be good for some laughs for the whole family!  And we all know that laughing is good for us!  SEE BELOW!

I usually eat with my family with R tied to me.  This means I have to eat carefully, slowly and wait until my food has cooled off. Usually I eat with a napkin over R’s head but she was sitting higher in her carrier than usual.  We were all eating and talking when J said, “Uh, mom look down.”  This is what I saw.  Hilarious!!!!


One response to “Bean Head and why I babywear

  1. That IS hilarious! Bean head. This kid’s developing quite a slew of nicknames! What a great post to read and picture to see before ending my weekend!

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