Peppermint Oil

My older daughter gets headaches.  Not just any old headache, but the type where she throws up, can’t hardly see and feels like crap.  She has a bad habit of noticing she has a headache and not telling me because she doesn’t want to stop watching tv or playing the Wii.  So usually once she comes to me, it is getting to the point that she cannot bear the pain any longer.

The other day she came to me and said that she had a headache.  She already looked like it might be bothering her eyes so I went to the medicine cabinet to grab the all-powerful children’s pain reliever.  Once I opened the cabinet, I discovered that there was only enough of said pain reliever for a dose for the average 2-year-old child.  That would not do.  I mean this girl is 8 and is as big as most 10-year-old children.  A dose for a 2-year-old wouldn’t even touch her pain.

What to do?  What to do? 

Suddenly I remembered that I had read that peppermint oil is great for alertness (this is true, I used it for a LONG car ride and it kept me awake) and for headaches.  I grabbed some of my peppermint oil and put a little on my finger and rubbed some on her temples and under her nose.  Whenever you use this topically you need to watch for any stinging because if you get too much it will sting a little bit.  She loved the smell.  In a few minutes she said it was stinging a little bit.  I took a baby wipe and wiped the areas that I had applied the peppermint oil.  I did this several times until she said it wasn’t stinging any more.  She said she could still smell it but the sting was gone. 

Ten minutes after I did this, I went in to check on her and she was standing up playing the Wii with her friends and said, “Mommy that smell-good stuff made my headache go away!”  Her friend standing next to her said, “And it even made me feel good.”  Plus it made my 8 year old’s room smell fresh and clean!  

I love my essential oils. 

Added Tip:  If you have a child that is having trouble sleeping or relaxing, take some lavender essential oil, and put it on their pillow case!  This will help them relax and calm down.

As moms isn’t it great to be able to help your child right away?

ADDENDUM:  As Holly pointed out (see comment) and as a massage therapist I should have remembered (I’m blaming sleep deprivation) you should dilute essential oils in another carrier oil if you want to avoid skin irritation.  You could use an oil you have on hand like Olive Oil or Coconut Oil.  I never dilute peppermint on me because it doesn’t bother my skin, and I apply Lavendar topically on J with no problems.  From here on out though I will dilute my Peppermint oil before applying to J, instead of trying to burn her upper lip!  If you would like to make 1 oz of oil I usually do 15-30 drops of essential oil to 1 oz of carrier oil.  If you don’t feel like you will use this within 4 months and just want a small amount for one use I would do 1-3 drops in 1 tsp of carrier oil.  Thanks Holly for reminding me of this!!!  You Rock!


2 responses to “Peppermint Oil

  1. So glad our girl was able to feel better. I know what those headaches are like, as you well know. Wish I had known about peppermint oil when they were a regular part of my life. I’m a firm believer in such remedies now.

  2. Just as a general note. If you are wanting to dilute an oil. Water will not do it. As you know water an oil have a natural retraction from eachother. Just as tip next time if she says it is burning just use another oil you have at home….ex. coconut oil or olive oil.

    I hope that helps! I love my oils also!

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