The magic and general awesomeness of reusable items

I haven’t written weekly this month like I had intended to so I have several things that I would like to get off my chest.  I will split them up into several posts so they will not all run together. 

So we all know that it is the holiday season.  For most of us that means running around like crazy trying to put together meals, shopping for the perfect gifts, attending holiday functions etc.  For moms it could also mean trying to create perfect holiday memories for our little ones while also shopping, meal creating, baking cookies, attending kid-friendly holiday entertainment, visiting Santa, running errands, keeping the house clean all while trying to maintain the status of all around perfect mother.  It can be incredibly difficult to keep everything together.  Costs, stress and time consumption go up during the holidays. 

How would you like a few less things on the shopping list?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to run out at the last minute when you ran out of something?

I know I need less on my shopping list!  This is why I love my cloth diapers!  I never run out of cloth diapers.  I throw a load in every other day and with 28 diapers, I even have enough to not pull my diapers out of the drier immediately.  I never have to send G to go get diapers, because we ran out!  Have you been there?  You carefully organized and planned your grocery list only to get home and realize you forgot diapers and your child is almost out.  Someone has to run to the store.  It is inconvenient and a hassle.  This adds more stress to this already busy time of year.  If you are not already using cloth diapers, you should give it a try.  It does reduce the stress! 

I was already using cloth diapers and I found and fell in love with another product that I can reuse.  I love my cloth nursing pads.  I get mine at Everything Birth…They look cool and work well.  I am the type of mom that dares not go anywhere without my nursing pads on and I might need to bring a backup when I am out an about.  Just the thought of my daughter or hearing a baby cry causes the Niagra falls of breast milk to gush!  I had bought cloth nursing pads and hadn’t been using them because I thought they would be too much hassle so I had been using the disposable nursing pads that I had been given while I was pregnant. As is inevitable with disposable items, I ran out at an inopportune time.  I couldn’t run to the store, nor did I have the money to buy them.  So I started using my cloth nursing pads.  I have found that they are easier than the disposable nursing pads in several ways.  I don’t run out of them.  I don’t have to pull them out of my nursing tank or bra when I get undressed–I can just throw them in the laundry hamper with the rest of the clothes.  When it is time to wash laundry, I just throw them a garment bag and wash them with the rest of my clothes then toss them in the dryer. 

How awesome would it be if you could take two items off your grocery list?  How much could you save?


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