Love my new Tummy Tub!

So I am finally getting back into the swing of things around the computer after the Holidays!  We travelled all over the world and back again (From SC to GA to SC to GA), celebrated New Years and had a wonderful time with our family!  I loved spending time with everyone!  Right after New Years we had the first sickness of the year (blech) complete with fever, throwing up, aches etc. and now we are finally seeming to be on the mend, although I haven’t had any time to attack the mess around the house.  It looks like the Christmas fairy came into my house and threw up presents, packages and bags all over my house! 

All joking aside, I had a wonderful Christmas and I have to share my favorite gift for my newest little one.  It is a Tummy Tub!  I love this tub so much.  Up until we got this tub, we had the traditional newborn bathtub.  You know the one…the sits in the kitchen sink and you can put minimal water in it.  Once you put your baby in it their top half is uncovered while their bottom half is sitting in the water.  I can only imagine that this is very cold to them, as I don’t like half of me to be in the cold air after wet.  R let me know her disdain for such a bathing setup by screaming and making horrible sounds.  She would be so furious after bath time that it took a long time for her to calm down.  I felt so bad for her.  When I saw the Tummy Tub I knew I had to try it.  I told her Yaya that is what R “WANTED” for Christmas.  Yaya and Papa totally came through!

We now are the proud owners of a Tummy Tub.  The first time we put R in it she was calm and even smiled.  I thought it might be a fluke and that the first time was just luck.  So two days later, I decided to try again.  This time I got busy and forgot that it was getting near the time when R prefers to be in bed.  As 8:30 pm hit and she was getting cranky and wanting to lay down, I decide it is bath time.  By the time I got everything ready she was crying loudly and vigorously!  I put her down into the warm water and she screamed two more times and then this look of complete and utter calm washed over her face!  It was the best thing ever!  She actually sat in the tub for a few minutes after the washing part was done because she was enjoying it so much.  She kept trying to put her chin/mouth in the water to lick the water!  It was so cute! 

I would definitely recommend the Tummy Tub!  They didn’t give me one to test and I am not paid to say this but I love this product!  I actually look forward to giving her a bath now.  I know she is more comfy in it as well and it is made to simulate the womb for the baby.  You can check out this tub at Tummy Tub USA. 

Here are some before and after bath time pictures for your enjoyment!  Which one looks better to you??????

R NOT enjoying bath time:

R’s new love of bathtime!


3 responses to “Love my new Tummy Tub!

  1. Lori Spyridakis

    The Tummy Tub looks amazing! Roz is so darn cute in there. Just one question though, up to what size/weight do you think it can hold? My daughter is 8 months, and weighs about 18 lbs now. I wish I would’ve found the Tummy Tub sooner! Thanks for the report!

  2. Love this post. The pictures really make the story come alive! I witnessed the bath time event with the Tummy Tub that Jaime mentions above in her post. Roz really did just “melt” out of her crying and into a calm. It was pretty neat.

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