Who else needs adult time????

When you have an 8-year-old who thrives on constant attention and a 4 month old that eats every 30 minutes how in the hell do you get adult play time?  There are days when I feel like my adult life will never be the same.  What used to be relatively easy is very difficult at times.  There are days that I don’t feel like I even get a chance to really talk/connect with G.  There seems to always be something that or someone who needs your attention.  It could be the doll with the broken head, the little one that won’t nap during the daytime and wants to eat constantly, the two christmas trees that need put away, the Christmas presents that still haven’t found a home, the dog that hasn’t had a bath in over 6 months, the cloth diapers and piles of laundry to be washed, the baby food still waiting to be cooked and smooshed, down to the books I want to read and the stuff I want to write. 

As I type this, my 8-year-old has already asked me for something to eat, asked if we could watch a movie, told me the definition of exaggerate and scowl,  told me she misses her buddies at school so badly that it hurts, told me that she is so bored with no one to play with because Roz is too young, and shown me her stuffed lamb who, “is dressed to go outside, is excited to go back to school and is in karate and threatens people.  In fact Lamby is threatening so many people that she gets 12 calls from concerned parents a day.”  For those of you who like descriptions, Lamby has coin purses on its hands, a crocheted hat on its head, belt around its neck and two sock coin purses on its feet.  She is also telling me she sucks at talking in lamb-speak and lamb occasionally wants to be thrown on the floor.  I think she has cabin fever, but that is normal for J.  She is super social and needs to be around people or she starts to go crazy around the edges. 

There is always something threatening to steal my attention away and by the time I lay down to sleep at night I am, quite frankly, touched and talked out.  I am over having someone in my bubble 24 hours a day and I certainly don’t feel much like adult time.  I just want to lay still and do what I want to do-Like just breathe in relief that I made it through another day!   

I know that not devoting time on your partner and relationship can lead to problems.  What are some of your solutions to this dilemma?  How do you make sure that daily activities and children don’t make you neglect your relationship? 

One solution I have found that DOES work is 8-year-old TV time and 4 Month Old nap time.  Ha!


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