You are the Roots and the Trunk

I have been in love with trees for a while.  In fact, I even want a really cool tree tattoo on my back.  They just represent life and growth and I love them.  Today I was thinking in the shower, as I often do (it’s my only quiet time).  It occurred to me that perhaps another reason I like trees so much is what they represent to us mothers.  A tree could represent our family.  We are the roots that nourish and the trunk that supports our family.  This is a great thing.  We do a great job at doing those things.  We give and give.  We make sure everyone is taken care of.  We take care of others before even our basic needs are met.  I just had to force myself to get up and take a shower before I deal with any other needs, because if I didn’t do it immediately some days I wouldn’t get to shower at all.  When we are so busy giving and giving, we sometimes forget that we need nourishment as well.  When a tree’s roots don’t get nourishment, they can die.  Dead roots do not sustain the strength of the trunk or the health of the branches.  In fact, when a tree’s roots die, the tree can fall over.  As mothers, we need to make sure that we are taking time out for ourselves to nourish our roots.  With healthy roots, our trunk stays strong and we are then able to nourish and support the growth and health of our family.  We cannot be good to those around us without taking time for ourselves.  I know I am guilty of this and have to force myself to take time out for me.  It can be hard to slice out that time but I want to commit to this for the good of my family. 

Who’s with me?


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