Getting back on the Mat

On January 16th, I stumbled across my yoga mat for the first time in forever.  It was buried behind a diaper pail, next to two gift bags full of formula (unused) from the hospital and under a couple of pillows.  Before I was pregnant, I used to try to do yoga more regularly.  While I was pregnant, I bought a prenatal yoga video with great intentions of doing it for my health and that of the baby.  As mentioned in a previous post, I am not usually motivated and committed to keep up with a workout routine.  I do know that when I do yoga and meditate regularly, I am a more patient and calm person. 

So why is my yoga mat collecting dust?   

I will tell you why.  Life gets busy and sometimes the things that keep us the healthiest get put off.  We intend to put it off one day and before you know it a whole year has gone by.  In my case during that year, I have found myself being more short-tempered with those around me and not as patient.  I have also found myself a few pounds heavier and way less bendy.  I committed to myself to at least do a little yoga for the next 21 days.  It takes 21 days to make a habit…that’s it…only 21 days and you have created a new habit or broke an old one. 

Is there something that you have been putting off doing?  Is there a habit that you are trying to break?  Surely there is something that you have been meaning to do.  Something that you wanted to do for yourself?  Let’s blow the dust off our good intentions and get moving toward our goals.  What are you going to commit to doing for 21 days?


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