Shrek Forever After

I watched this movie with my family over the weekend.  I am consistently amazed by the Shrek movies.  Don’t get me wrong, this movie wasn’t as funny or entertaining as the other movies in the series, but there were some great messages.  In fact, this movie seemed to have a much sadder/darker overtone than the other movies.  As the movie unfolded, Shrek made a decision that changed his whole life.  At the time, he didn’t feel like it would change very much.  He felt like it wouldn’t make any difference in anyone else’s life.  Unfortunately, the decision he made changed everything! 

Because of his decision, everyone who was in his life was affected and it got me to thinking.

Our decisions can affect everyone around us.  What can seem a simple decision that only affects us might change everything for others around us.  We might not ever know the impact of our decisions, but they definitely do make an impact.  Different decisions can change the entire course of your life and the lives around you.  We are all interconnected and it would be naive to think that our decisions only affected the person making the decision. 

So before making any decisions…

Take a Pause.


Think about how the decision will affect those around you either positively or negatively.

Then make the decision.

Because we don’t really know what we have until it is changed or gone.


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