Vaccinations-Round 2

Today it was time for R’s next round of shots.  I HATE shot time.  I really wanted to delay and select some vaccinations, but R’s doctor wasn’t playing along so we are now going with the regular schedule.  Every time it is d-day (doctor day), I wake up with an upset stomach.  I just hate to see my children in pain.  This time G stood with R while she was getting her shots and I am so thankful for him.  I always cry when I have to hold her and they are causing her pain.  I feel like she thinks that I did it to her. 

I know they are for her best interest and will possibly prevent her from pain in the future, but as a mother you just want to shield your children from all pain.  I guess we really can’t do that and the expectation is a little high.  We can’t shield our children from life.  I am starting to think that we shouldn’t try either.  Our job as a parent is to guide and support them toward independence.  We have to let them experience life and all its joys and sorrows.  If we try to take the pain out of it, they might go into the world thinking that life never has pain.  All of these things no matter how uncomfortable, teach us something.  They show us all that life has to offer and start to teach us to enjoy the wonderful times and be okay with the uncomfortable/painful times.  I get this, but it is still hard to watch them suffer. 

What about you?  What do you wish you could keep your child from experiencing?  How do you try to save them?  What makes you cry as a mommy?  Shots do it to me every time.  Heck when my youngest was little, I would cry with her over skinned knees.  I want to take all their pain from them but I can’t.

Ugg now R has a fever 😦



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