Lessons from Rob and Big

I am watching Rob and Big th morning.  for those of you that don’t know what this is, it is a show about Rob Drydek.  I don’t know much about him, but he is a professional skater and the show follows him and his bodyguard, Big.  I am up early watching reruns of this show because now Rob is on his own in his show as Big had to leave to be a father.  For those of you who actually know me, it might come as a surprise that I love this show so much. It can be pretty vulgar in spots but his antics crack me up.  He is the eternal kid.  He is 32 in the episode I am currently watching but he plays and goofs off like a child.  In every episode, you can tell that he is having a blast.   I think I have so much fun watching it because of the fun they are having and the joy that radiates out of them.  They are always playing and coming up with new ways to have fun.  I always walk away from watching this show with a smile on my face.

This morning, while watching it, I tried to figure out why I love it so much and I think I finally figured it out:

First, this show is full of laughter.  Rob and Big are laughing the whole episode about something.  Both Rob and Big are not afraid to be goofy and play.  I read a statistic the other day that the average toddler laughs 400 times per day and the average adult laughs 15 times a day.  That is an astonishing difference.  I don’t even think that most days, I make it to 15 and that is a shame.  Laughter is good for our health but as an adult we don’t tend to find things to laugh about in our day.  This show reminds me that I want to find more to laugh about in my daily life.  I would like to be more childlike in that way.

Second, this show is full of people being true to who they are.  Rob is truly himself and doesn’t try to be anything else.  He is silly and goofy and that is what makes him unique.  He doesn’t filter what he says to appear to be someone else.  He doesn’t try to hide his uniqueness.  He uses it and it has made him famous.  When you are truly being yourself everything just flows.  I am working on a workbook right now that asked me how I am unique.  It took me forever to answer that question.  Like really, I put the workbook down and walked away for a week.  It is a shame that I should have to think that hard about it.  What that tells me is that I haven’t been living in alignment with who I am.  It tells me that I have been trying to cover up, filter or modify who and what I am for those around me.  The next question in the workbook was what makes me memorable.  It took me calling my mom to try to figure that out.  See, in my years of living I have lost sight of who and what I am.  That is moderately depressing.  As I am trying to dig my true self under the rubble, I am rediscovering parts of my self that I forgot were there.  If you know me, you know that I, too, can be pretty goofy.  I don’t let that goofy side of myself come out with anyone but my family and close friends because I try to please everyone around me.  I want everyone to like me and think that people will be annoyed when I am silly and that will make them not do business with me.  Well this business workbook that I am going through, tells me otherwise.  It tells me that the things that make me unique are what are going to help me in my business and become my personal brand.  This certainly has become true for Rob.  He does what makes him unique and he is prospering due to that. 

Third, because they are truly secure in who they are, they don’t hesitate to try things they might not be good at.  They aren’t afraid to fall, make an ass out of themselves or fail.  They just keep trying new things and testing their ideas.   When something doesn’t work, they keep trying until they find something to work.  And the best part is that they are having fun during their process.  They laugh when they fall or mess up.  They can find the humor in a failure (and it makes for great tv).  It amazes me to think that we lose sight of fun in the process.  I know, myself, I hesitate to try things that might make me seem ignorant, unsure or inexperienced.  I get embarrassed if I don’t know everything about a topic and have to look things up before proceeding.  I feel like I should know everything before I get started.  I now know that needing to know everything before moving is just another way to stay trapped and to stay in the same situation.  Grasping for all the knowledge and staying stuck until you feel like you know everything could lead to you being stuck in the same spot for years or life.  Being okay with allowing the process being imperfect, will allow you to keep moving and not get stuck. 

I am going to focus on staying true to myself, allowing myself to laugh, and allowing myself to be goofy in front of everyone, not just my family.  I am going to stop filtering myself so often.  I am going to continue to try to dig up all of who I am and allow myself to be that person.  What about you?  What can you do to laugh more?  What daily filters do you impose on yourself because you believe who you are isn’t good enough?  Who is the unique person inside yourself?  What can you do to get back in touch with that person?  Do you know that person well or have you lost sight of who that person is completely?

Let’s get back in touch with our true selves and see what worlds open up in front of us!  Let’s laugh along the way!

Will you join me?


One response to “Lessons from Rob and Big

  1. Great post. Something we should all definitely aspire to. We all filter ourselves — some to more degrees than others. Some situations require filters (like working in an office, for instance), but for the most part, we are so afraid that people will laugh at us or think we are inadequate. We are afraid. Afraid of being vulnerable. Vulnerability is the rawest of the raw — and exposing that rawness is very difficult. Some really struggle with it. Some not so much.

    The apple did NOT fall far from the tree regarding the need to know prior to doing. While I am better about it now than I was when I was younger, I still struggle with it. It really makes no sense, though, because nobody lands on this planet knowing anything about anything. No matter what it is that somebody does, they didn’t know squat about it when they began. They had to learn.

    We are told that learning is good, and that we continue to learn until we die. Learning is a good thing, we are taught. Keep learning all your life. Never stop learning. If learning is such a good thing (and it is), why, then, are we so afraid to show folks that we are in a learning stage with something? Hmmmm. Absolutely makes no sense.

    The human condition is a very strange and wondrous thing indeed! I suppose one thing to always keep in mind is that we are ALL more alike than most people realize!

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