We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Sposies!

Jade has been watching me cloth diaper her younger sister since she was born.  At school they were talking about recycling and she came home and told me that we needed to recycle.  I pointed out that while we do not separate our trash into recyclable items and take it into town, I do a lot of reusing.  She thought for a moment and said, “Like Roz’s diapers?”  Correct!

So a few months later Jade and I were watching TV and a disposable diaper commercial came one.  The commercial showed a husband and wife going through a store setting up their baby registry with one of those scanners.  After they had scanned a few things, they got to the diaper section.  The commercial showed them scanning the diapers hundreds of times to show how many diapers you need after the baby comes.  While watching this, Jade said, “You don’t need disposables, they are lying.  All you really need is cloth diapers.”

At the moment it made me smile that she was listening.  But then it gave me pause.

Do you ever wonder if you are making an impression on your children?  Do you ever wonder if they hear a word you are saying?  Do you think they are not watching you?

Let me assure you they are watching and paying attention more than you realize!

Are there things that you wish they wouldn’t see?  What are those things?  How are you going to start  changing what they see?  Mindfulness is a good place to start!  Being mindful of the fact that they are always watching is the perfect place to start.

This weekend let’s bring attention to the habits and tendencies of ours that we do not want to see our children copy.  Let’s notice the things we do that we do not want to pass on.  As we notice that we are doing something we wouldn’t want our children to copy or emulate, let’s bring our attention back to our breath and get centered.  Most times, just bringing our attention back to our breathing is enough to allow us to change our behavior.


2 responses to “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Sposies!

  1. Ah Jamie,

    This is such a wonderful story. I love it. It just shows how impactful everything we do is to our children.

    Beautiful story and lesson.

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